Y4K in India

India is a predominantly Hindu nation where Christians are a minority of the population. As a result, there is a lot of persecution directed toward Christians.

On our visit in 2010, we met many believers in the state of Orissa. Besides hearing the many testimonies of how Christians were attacked and tortured by Hindu extremists, we were shocked to find out that there were only a few Bibles left amongst the people of Orissa. This led us to start a Bible Project to bring the Word of God to Orissa. Since then, with the Lord’s help and guidance, we have completed and exceeded the goal of distributing 5000 Bibles in 2018.

Transportation is one of the biggest hindrances in spreading the Gospel to the over 400,000 unreached villages in India. A bicycle, which can be purchased for $100, provides a cheap, efficient means of transportation with little maintenance costs. Y4K sponsored the purchase and helped distribute hundreds of bicycles to pastors and missionaries in specific regions of the country.

The plight of specific social groups is well publicized by various organizations over the Internet. The consensus is that women and children suffer the most (see above). Y4K partners with local ministers to provide aid and spiritual support for widows and orphans during every trip. We support initiatives to train widows in the sowing trade and provide them with the sowing machines to help them become self-supporting.

Another essential need is the education of children. The literacy level is 62%, and the children most affected by the lack of education are from the lower castes. Also, the orphans left by Christian families have no support. We sponsor their schooling and will soon build an orphanage.

Hindu 80%
Muslim 14%
Christian 2%
Sikh 2%
Other 2%