Guinea Bissau

Y4K in Guinea Bissau

  1. Guinea Bissau is considered by many to be the poorest country in Africa. Majority of the population is Muslim, so there is a real need to share Jesus. This country is devastated by illicit drugs and human trafficking. It is on the Tier 2 Watch List for its failure to combat severe forms of human trafficking, especially children. It has not passed any anti-trafficking laws and is inadequate in its effort to investigate or prosecute trafficking crimes or convict and punish trafficking offenders. The primary purpose for children trafficking is for forced begging and forced agricultural labor to other West African countries.
  2. We are involved in a number of ways in this country: construction projects, teaching, training, medical and evangelism. We completed construction on a couple of village churches.

We contributed to the construction of the Bible School .

Another major project was the completion of a Christian radio station which is now broadcasting in the area with the highest population of Muslims.

Over the years we were involved in training pastors, missionaries, evangelists and teachers. One partner in this activity was the Master’s Bible School (MBS).

Muslim 46%
Folk Religions 31%
Christian 19%
Other 4%